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Stuff to buy

If you're looking to start something online, whether it be a newsletter, a blog, a business, a SaaS, or whatever, I'd highly recommend you check these products out, as it was these very products that helped me grow my own side-hustle to where it is now!

The Landing Page Hot Tips Ebook features 100 digestible lessons to implement into your Landing Pages. Each tip features visuals & related resources.

NewsletterOS is a Notion dashboard that helps anybody, new and veteran to the newsletter space create, manage and grow an email newsletter.

We've been a user of EmailOctopus from the very beginning, so it goes without saying that it's been my go-to email software for The Slice.

Carrd has really been good to me and its been my go to site builderfor all my website. It's pro plan is affordable, easy to use and not overly complicated.

Advertising Terms

The following terms and conditions govern all advertising slots in The Slice.

1 – Material specifications
All materials supplied by the advertiser is subject to our review and must adhere to our guidelines. We may suggest or require edits and in some cases, when typos or mistakes are obvious, make small changes at our own discretion.
2 – Change requests
Advertisers can request changes to their supplied materials but no later than one week before the publication date. If materials are not supplied by at least one week prior to the publication date, we reserve the right to cancel and resell the ad slot without providing a refund. If the advertiser has previously booked an ad slot, we may reuse materials already provided in the past.
3 – Cancellation
Advertisers can request a cancellation and refund up to four weeks before the publication date in case of a sponsor slot and up to two weeks in case of a classified ad slot. We reserve the right to cancel and refund booked ad slots at any time without providing a reason.
4 – Responsibility for materials
The advertiser is solely responsible for the materials provided and acknowledges that they are authorised to publish the materials and that the materials comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
5 – Commitment/payment terms
The advertiser commits to paying the full fee before the publication date (unless agreed otherwise). The ad slot is not guaranteed until payment has been received in full. The advertiser is liable to pay the fee in full even if the ad contains typos or erros, unless it's proven without reasonable doubt that they were caused by us.
6 – Warranties/damages
All services provided to the advertiser which are subject to these terms are provided without warranties. In no event shall we be liable to the advertiser for an amount in excess of the total dollar amount actually received by us.
7 – General provisions
Unless otherwise agreed, these terms are governed by the laws of Dublin, Ireland. For questions or concerns, please contact us via email.

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Cross promotions are one of the best ways to grow together. I'm open to do cross promotions with similar size newsletters. Please leave your details and we can setup a collaboration.